260ml Kitchen Canister

260ml Kitchen Canister
Brand: Urbn-Living
Size: 22.0 H x 9.5 W x 9.5 D cm
8.91 GBP
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Store and display your favorite treats in a chic and impressive manner with these candy and biscuit jars. Are you looking for a centerpiece to use at an event or just something to store your biscuits and candies in? These glass jars enhance any party or event while keeping your food items safe. Coming in two styles one that includes one and one that includes 3 stackable ones and manufactured in a unique shape, they add a new level of beauty to any event. Made out of the strong glass with a clear and clean look you can be sure these will brighten up your day, kitchen, and events for years to come. LAV glassware continues to inspire worldwide. With constant refinements to traditional glass-making techniques, glassware exhibit quality, style, and all-around practicality. Today, Lav is much more than one of the world’s premier makers of wine glasses, champagne flutes, beer glasses, carafes, and decanters. Their extensive range extends to include food storage, jars, dessert dishes, and other homeware.