2.2lb Bread Maker

2.2lb Bread Maker
Categories: Bird, Bird Food
Brand: Cooks Professional
Size: 30.0 H x 26.0 W x 30.0 D cm
119.99 GBP
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Nothing beats the smell of freshly baking bread or the taste of a homemade loaf, and with this innovative bread maker with fruit and seed dispenser, you can have fresh bread anytime you like. So easy to use, but the ingredients into the non-stick pan, select your desired programme, and the bread maker does the rest. You can even keep an eye on your bake through the handy viewing window. With functions to choose from, this bread maker really does do it all. You can even fill the handy ingredients dispenser with your chosen nuts, seeds or herbs, and the machine will automatically distribute them into your dough at the right time, saving you the fuss and worry of disturbing your bread cooking cycle. There’s also a 60-minute keep-warm function in case you’re not around when the programme finishes. There’s even a delay function so that you can delay the baking process until the time you want your bread to be ready, and then it will automatically start cooking at the right time, so the process can start even when you’re not near the machine. So treat yourself to freshly baked bread every morning, or spend time experimenting with different flavour combinations and textures using the ingredient dispenser. Other features include settings for making French bread, cake, and even for boiling jams and marmalades. You can also select the level of brown for your crust and completely tailor your bread to suit you and your family’s tastes. This brilliant bread maker also comes with a hook to remove the kneading blade from the loaf, a measuring cup and a double-ended measuring spoon for measuring in tablespoons and teaspoons.