1479ml Biscuit Tin

1479ml Biscuit Tin
Categories: Bird, Bird Food
Brand: Rebrilliant
Color: blue,indigo,red
Size: 8.0 H x 8.0 W x 6.0 D cm
6.46 GBP
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Be creative and fill up these colourful glass jars with all kinds of goodies, including sweets, chocolates and nuts. These glass storage jars with metal lids are a perfect method for storing a whole range of foods whilst keeping a fun and colourful appearance. The set of four jars comes in blue, purple, lime and red, giving you a generous variety of colours to use and enjoy. Each colour provides a unique and vibrant look that enhances the item which is stored in them while the metal lids make it airtight. The jars are food safe and their durable glass makes them easy to clean.