110" Wide 3-Drawer Sideboard

110" Wide 3-Drawer Sideboard
Brand: Meblando
Color: white
Size: 85.0 H x 110.0 W x 35.0 D cm
179.99 GBP
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Does triple chic dresser furniture speak? Testify someone’s daily life, habits, and lifestyle. The Triple Chic dresser indicates a modern approach to elegance and simplicity. It tells a story by the way you use it. Do you put candles and incense on it, creating a romantic mood, photos, and mementos to build an atmosphere of family warmth, or do you treat it very practically, as additional space for books and other items? Regardless of this, and whether the dresser will stand in the living room, kitchen or bedroom, it will do just fine. It is built of 16mm thick laminated board, which will survive years of use, stuffing clothes, tablecloths, electronics, or documents. This will be taken care of by the solid construction, which will not bend under the weight, even when you climb on the dresser to hang curtains. Colour: White