0.3 Operation Milk Frother

0.3 Operation Milk Frother
Brand: VonShef
Color: gray
Size: 17.5 H x 16.0 W x 11.5 D cm
35.99 GBP
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Create tasty milky treats from home with our versatile 550W milk frother, great for hot chocolates, cappuccinos, lattes, and more! Choose from 3 three functions to froth and heat up milk, froth cold milk, or warm up milk, and operate with ease thanks to intuitive one-touch control.Thanks to a transparent lid, you can easily view the contents, and with color-coded lights, the operation couldn’t be simpler - red for hot milk/ froth and blue for cold froth. Conveniently store away the frother’s two paddle attachments within its base for a tidy presentation. Pour your frothy milk with ease thanks to the non-stick detachable jug, allowing for removal from the base at any angle. With an automatic shut-off feature, have peace of mind that the unit is safe and will conserve energy.