Westfalia mouse and rat repellent - Flkwoh

Westfalia mouse and rat repellent - Flkwoh
Categories: Small pets, Rat, Mouse, Hamster
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Westfalia mouse and rat repellent You will no longer have to worry about unwanted visits from mice and rats. Its ultra-high pitched warning beeps keep rodents away from your garage, house, shed, barn, attic, etc. Immediately operational and does not require mains power or mounting. The built-in sound signal every 30 seconds (+/-20%) prevents mice and rats from getting used to the noise. With constant use, can be used for up to 6 months on a single set of batteries, depending on the batteries. Innovative, mobile, very efficient up to 40m². Place it where you need it, turn it on and it’s ready to go. No expensive assembly costs. No mains power required. Comes with mounting hardware. Does not disturb dogs and cats. Batteries: 4x LR14 (C, baby) - not included. WESTFALIA Guarantee At Westfalia, all our products are guaranteed! The satisfaction of our customers is paramount. A product does not please you or presents an anomaly? Do not panic ! We also want you to be fully satisfied with your