Weather Resistant Rabbit Hutch with Ramp

Weather Resistant Rabbit Hutch with Ramp
Brand: PawHut
Color: green,white
Size: 110.0 H x 104.0 W x 58.0 D cm
89.99 GBP
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This outdoor rabbit cage is perfect for use with rabbits, guinea pigs, and other similar-sized animals. This deluxe wooden rabbit hutch is an ideal mix of safety and freedom and offers all the comforts of home, offering wide space to run and play. Lockable doors and slide-out trays provide easy cleaning and other routine tasks. Get your furry friend a comfortable living space! Solid fir wood frame and asphalt roof made for outdoor use. Steel wire fencing to provide ventilation. The ramp allows rabbits to reach different stairs. Removable bottom sliding tray on the upper layer for easy cleaning. Multiple lockable doors for you to easily take care of your animals. Suitable for 2 rabbits.