Strickland Scratching Post

Strickland Scratching Post
Brand: Archie & Oscar
Color: brown,gray
Size: 16.92 H x 16.53 W x 39.5 D cm
16.16 GBP
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Is your cat active, always full of curiosity? if you look forward to playing with your cat, but it doesn’t like to play with you numerous indications, does your cat still like to scratch the furniture, sofas and curtains? you no longer have to worry, because our cat tree fulfils the needs of you and your cat and helps you to solve problems and become a reliable bridge for communication with master cats. The precisely constructed base is strong. It provides reliable support that ensures the overall stability of the cat tree, even if the cat is shaken vigorously. Note: the screws and other components used in this product are specially designed. If you replace the components yourself, the cat tree could not be installed or the accessories could be damaged. Our product includes sisal. If you are allergic or uncomfortable with the above materials, please do not use them. This product is designed with the habits of most cats in mind. The habits and preferences of each cat are different. Please pay careful attention to your cat’s habits and preferences, choose and buy the products that are suitable for your cat.