Stainless Steel Tea Strainer

Stainless Steel Tea Strainer
Color: gray
Size: 6.5 H x 11.0 W x 5.0 D cm
5.43 GBP
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Straining made simple for the perfect loose leaf brew! Get the Royalford stainless steel strainer, and find the one-stop solution to doing those minor kitchen tasks quickly and efficiently. This stainless steel strainer is ideal to be used in the kitchen for a variety of tasks. Enjoy a smooth cup packed with the full flavours of your loose-leaf, herbal and fruit teas with this tea strainer. With its long-handled design and resting hook, it conveniently perches on the rim of most regular-sized mugs. Just fill it with your loose leaves and pour over your hot water. The tea strainer’s fine mesh traps leaves while allowing the steeped tea to flow through into your mug, for a smooth cuppa. Size: 6.5cm H x 11cm W x 5cm D