'Snowy Owl on a Perch' Graphic Art Print on Canvas

'Snowy Owl on a Perch' Graphic Art Print on Canvas
Brand: Union Rustic
Color: black
Size: 50.0 H x 35.0 W x 3.0 D cm
25.99 GBP
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This wall art represents the style, taste, and unique flair concerning design with a print featuring stunning images printed upon high-quality canvas material. The canvas prints are stretched tightly over a frame and finished with a protective coating which enhances colour and protects against fading, moisture, sunlight and dust. A modern post-production mounting, and canvas techniques are applied to ensure that the print remains beautiful for years to come. The art allows expressing with genuine emotion and self-confidence, especially when you choose a picture that’s vivid, colourful, and matches your space or personal style. That’s why we offer a wide selection of art pieces, allowing you to express yourself, make a statement within your home and engage guests and family members alike. Please, see the full stock of stunning images to find a print that suits your decor needs. Size: 50 cm H x 35 cm W