Sawicki Thermostatic Shower with Dual shower head

Sawicki Thermostatic Shower with Dual shower head
Categories: Small pets, Rat
Brand: Belfry Bathroom
Color: gray
Size: 100.0 H x 25.0 W cm
354.99 GBP
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Feature of the shower column with thermostatic mixer (87FD54B9875A4E3789AA634B1996C5B7): 390 mm horizontally adjustable shower arm Thermostatic mixer including diverter function 2 outlets Allows change between: Vitalio Start 250 overhead shower (26815000) Jet: Rain Fully chromed With ball joint Swivel angle 10degrees GROHE EcoJoy limited flow less than 9.5 l/min Vitalio Start 100 hand shower (27946000) 2 jets: Rain , Tonic jet GROHE EcoJoy flow rate limited to 5 l/min Height adjustable slider Shower hose VitalioFlex Comfort 1750 mm (28745000) GROHE EcoJoy water saving GROHE TurboStat Almost instantaneous temperature regulation and anti-scalding safety in the event of a cold water cut GROHE SafeStop stopper at 38degreesC GROHE SafeStop Plus temperature limiter at 43degreesC (delivered loose) GROHE DreamSpray perfectly even spray GROHE StarLight Chrome Brilliant and durable SpeedClean anti-limescale process Inner WaterGuide, maximum longevity ShockProof protective silicone ring in the event of a fall Anti-twist system Suitable for instantaneous water heaters from 18 kW/h Minimum flow required 7 l/min.