Reef one Biorb air filter cartridge assembly

Reef one Biorb air filter cartridge assembly
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Brand: Biorb
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Key Features Easy to replace cartridge Contains an open cell foam with activated carbon Helps to absorb odors inside that might damage plant growth It is recommended that the cartridge is replaced every 6 months Genuine BiOrb Part The Oase biOrb Air Filter Cartridge is a replacement unit that fits into the top of the biOrb Air. The cartridge is filled with an open cell foam, impregnated with activated carbon. The Cartridge continuously filters the air as it is re-circulated by the fan. It also prevents outside aerosols being drawn into the terrarium and keeps the internal atmosphere fresh and healthy. This carbon media is designed to absorb odours that might be present in the terrarium. Removing odours helps to keep the delicate balance inside the terrarium in perfect harmony, in order for the plants inside to thrive and grow. Specifications 1 x filter cartridge