Rabbit Cage

Rabbit Cage
Categories: Small pets, Rabbit
Brand: Ferplast
Color: blue
Size: 49.5 H x 58.5 W x 118.0 D cm
109.99 GBP
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The cage for rabbits Rabbit 120 by Ferplast, medium-sized, is made of varnished metal mesh with a large plastic bottom. On the front side, the net is divided into two parts, both can be raised to allow easier access and also carry out daily maintenance operations. For more thorough cleaning, just divide the net from the bottom by simply unhooking the side fixing clips. Rabbit 120 is complete with essential accessories: a feeder for hay, a drinking bottle for water and a little house for resting with an upper shelf equipped with a small bowl, all in plastic. Rabbit 120 is sold in space-saving packaging, in line with Ferplast’s environmental respect policy. Choose the model to suit your pet’s size.