Pet Knee Pads with Support Bars

Pet Knee Pads with Support Bars
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Product specifications:XL Product colour: black Pack size: XL:23122cm Features: 1:The leg brace can heal pain caused by injury or surgery 2:Provide support and stability during injury 3:Help them reduce inflammation 4:Helping with loss of stability caused by arthritis Use: 1 Very suitable; wrap around legs to cover wounds and ulcers Simply wrap around the wound and wrap with our dog leg protector to prevent dog licking and chewing 2 Your dog can suffer a lot of knee injuries because he will be jumping all the way up. the fence or yard and hurt yourself If the dog suffers from these injuries, he needs one of these dog leggings 3 Provides excellent support and stability Help:Stable ankle arthritis after fatigue injury supports any load after surgery 4 Be sure to remove the sleeve 2 àgrave; 3 times a day, and let your legs breathe at night Animal Feet Protection: Everyone on earth knows that small animals need more protection than we do people to better ensure their health. and their