Pet Door-Black-M - Thsinde

Pet Door-Black-M - Thsinde
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Name: Pet Door Material: ABS material, acrylic door leaf The delivery color depends on the first main image Packing method: default box packing Installation process [Detailed description] Step 1: Confirm the installation position of the door opening on your door. When looking for the location, you need to roughly estimate the height of your pet through the door opening (average installation height usually 10-15cm from the ground), use a ruler and pencil along the path Draw the precise cut position on the door with the paper film, mark the cut line on the door and mark the relative positions of the 4 screw holes on the door (i.e. the points of the 4 screw holes on the paper film_) Step two, take the four corners of the dotted line before you open the hole, use a 12mm rotor to make holes in 4 positions, then use a chainsaw to cut your door along the dotted line until the cut door hole extends all the way up and down door. Step three, before the formal installation of the door hole,