Pack Solar Ultrasonic Rat Repeller Outdoor Garden Rat Repeller

Pack Solar Ultrasonic Rat Repeller Outdoor Garden Rat Repeller
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Color as shown Size: 30x25x5cm Weight: 250g Repel Animals Effectively and Humanely] Tired of animals invading and destroying your home and vegetable garden? Even threatening safety of your pet. Mice-repellent, solar-powered ultrasonic vibrations and 400Hz sonic pulses penetrate every 20 seconds. This pulse of sound waves affects the nerve centers of animals, scaring away moles, voles, ground squirrels, groundhogs and many others from your area, house, garden or yard. 【Solar waterproof】Solar mouse repeller, there is a solar panel on the top of the device, which can be charged by solar energy, energy saving and environmental protection. This outdoor solar animal repellent is made to Made of high-quality materials, with weather-resistant and UV-resistant construction, it protects against splashing water from all directions and withstands sun, rain and daily rain, perfect for gardens, yards, farms, etc. 【Safe and Humanized Design】The rodent repellent is only used in household. to keep