Nutrigrow - Triple 16 Grassland Fertiliser 16-16-16

Nutrigrow - Triple 16 Grassland Fertiliser 16-16-16
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Nutrigrow 16-16-16 (or Triple 16) is a quality NPK fertiliser which offers a balanced feed. Triple 16 can be used as a standard treatment for feeding grass which will be grazed or used to make hay. It is one of the most flexible blends of fertiliser we offer as it delivers the same amount of nitrogen, phosphate & potassium. This balanced formulation can be particularly useful if you are treating areas slightly deficient in phosphate or potassium as you are also delivering nitrogen which will be needed to promote top growth. The application rate will depend on how many times you will apply the product, and also what the grass is going to be used for. For a general feed we recommend 75-150kg/ha or 30-70kg/acre. Features Ideal for treating grass that is going to be grazed or made into hay Very flexible - contains balanced levels of three macronutrients (nitrogen, phosphate and potassium) Mini compound granules provide excellent spreading pattern Recommendation Always read the product