Magnetic cat flap size s - Primematik

Magnetic cat flap size s - Primematik
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Cat flap with magnetic closure to install on any door. Cat flap that controls the passage of cats and small dogs from one area of the home to another, or from outside to inside. Cat flap that allows the pet to pass through without having the doors open. Specifications Cat flap with white border and magnetic closure for the doors of the house, measuring 19 x 20 x 2 cm (width x height x depth). The cat flap includes four different gait modes, configurable with tabs. This setting allows only entry or exit, or authorize or prohibit both. The cat flap is suitable for any door with a maximum thickness of 1 cm. It is installed by first making a hole in the door and then placing the cat flap with the included hardware. It has a transparent window with a hole of 14 x 15 cm, which allows the pet to see what is on the other side. The cat flap is a practical and effective method to allow or prevent the passage of dogs and cats through the different rooms of the house, without having to open and

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