Luxury Bamboo Chopping Board

Luxury Bamboo Chopping Board
Categories: Small pets, Rat
Brand: Haffa
Size: 1.0 H x 26.0 W cm
10.99 GBP
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This beautiful rectangular bamboo chopping board is for all types of food preparation or what about using it for serving up something special? Ideal for so many used and not limited to chopping meat. Made from organic bamboo, BPA-free naturally resists bacteria penetration and growth. This chopping board set is made from bamboo which is a highly sustainable material. The chopping board is made from bamboo which is a highly sustainable material due to its ease in cultivation, rapid growth rate, little carbon waste, and natural organic. It is a type of grass that grows rapidly and without much maintenance. This means bamboo is readily available and does not have a bad impact on the environment unlike other materials such as plastic. For safety care, we recommended handwash the rectangular bamboo chopping board with warm water.