Litter for Cat Litter Cat Fleece Matte Channel Bleu m

Litter for Cat Litter Cat Fleece Matte Channel Bleu m
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This pet nest is inspired by the baby’s embrace and is wrapped in a simple and generous design The style is deeply loved, the simple lines show the indoor aesthetic simplicity, but not Simple, Product Performance Hot and breathable pet breathes are designed to wrap your pet in all directions. This four-season model is more likely to invade moisture and diseases of air conditioning, even in air-conditioned rooms and humid soils in the spring and summer. This nest has become a moving and independent space in its own right. It has a good barrier effect against moisture and greatly prevents dogs from falling and flying, and avoid the embarrassing situation of love and hatred animals that climb on the couch and bed. . Product Name: Pet Duvet Nest / Simple European Style Fabric: Fleece Features: The soft and warm function is powerful enough < / p> Padding: hard cotton (PP non-filled cotton) (Fixed form / heat / breathability) Note: Lower manufacturers choose recycled cotton or black cotton