Labastide 3 Piece Tube Bird Feeder Set

Labastide 3 Piece Tube Bird Feeder Set
Categories: Bird, Wild Birds
Brand: Dakota Fields
Color: gray
Size: 75.0 H x 32.0 W x 22.0 D cm
65.99 GBP
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This high-quality set of bird feeders has some features that set it apart from other versions. Firstly, the cage around the feeders is slightly further from the food (8cm), which makes it harder for the squirrels to reach. This gap also stops starlings from getting through and demolishing the food, as well as keeping pigeons and jackdaws away, leaving the food for the intended recipients, the songbirds. Coming in a set of 3 and finished in an attractive gunmetal grey, there are feeders for seed (with 4 ports), fat balls and peanuts. The lids are opened with a simple ’twist and lift’ mechanism, and the feeders all have large hanging hooks.