Klarstein Schmatzfatz Junior Food Storage Container

Klarstein Schmatzfatz Junior Food Storage Container
Brand: Klarstein
Color: indigo
Size: 15.0 H x 21.3 W x 4.5 D cm
44.37 GBP
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Whether for kindergarten or school: in the Klarstein Schmatzfatz junior lunch box, every snack stays crisp and fresh! Thanks to the practical inlet, all dishes can be stored separately. Nothing mixes: fruit tastes like fruit, sausage-like sausage, and cheese-like cheese. The small partitions in the inlet provide the perfect aroma. Cut to size and sorted into small compartments, you can make your little ones tasty with beautifully draped fruit and vegetables! For a healthy, vitamin-rich supply for every day, on trips, or for the small hunger in the playground. The Klarstein Schmatzfatz junior lunch box has a separate inner lid. It closes the individual compartments of the box securely and airtight. Due to the individually sealed compartments, this snack box is very suitable for thick food. So you can sweeten your children’s day with applesauce, semolina porridge, or yogurt. Or you can simply give them the cereal on their way! Thanks to the secure closure flaps at the front, everything stays in the box - until consumption. Practical and versatile for children, comfortable in the evening: thanks to clever plug-in technology with removable compartments, this lunch box can be optimally cleaned. Healthy hygiene is guaranteed, as the inner compartments can be easily put in the dishwasher. Since the outer box does not come into contact with the food, it can simply be wiped with a damp cloth. Thanks to the ideal seal, you can fill the snack box with delicious snacks the night before. Carrots, yogurt, apple wedges, sausage, cheese, and much more: every dish finds its own place in the Klarstein Schmatzfatz junior lunch box. The Vesper stays fresh and tasty for a long time and retains its own aroma. Colour: Purple