KCT - 6ft Wooden Collapsible Pet Run Enclosure

KCT - 6ft Wooden Collapsible Pet Run Enclosure
Categories: Small pets, Guinea Pig
Brand: KCT
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Key Features Spacious 6ft Pet Run Encourages Exercise and Provides Enrichment Ideal for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Tortoises and More 2 Easy open Lids of Either Side of the Run Lightweight Design - Portable. Folding / Collapsible Frame for Easy Storage and Setup Giving your pet room to exercise is now that much easier with the 6ft Wooden Pet Run. Allowing your pet to roam around and stay active is an important part of keeping your pet healthy. Having a run to explore provides environmental enrichment which is an essential factor in animal husbandry. Once the top panel screws are removed the run is completely collapsible, the 6ft Wooden Pet Run allows you to quickly and easily get set up in no time. The top roof features 2 lids that allow plenty of access on either side of the run. The frame is constructed with a strong and durable wooden frame and is lined with wire mesh, preventing any escapees while keeping the enclosure safe and secure. Specifications Overall Dimensions: 181 x 100 x