Genivee Decorative Bird Feeder

Genivee Decorative Bird Feeder
Categories: Bird, Wild Birds
Brand: Dakota Fields
Color: yellow
Size: 75.0 H x 13.0 W x 13.0 D cm
24.99 GBP
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This decorative set of 2 wild bird feeders features a painted steel pole with a cast iron feeding dish in the shape of a vibrant Sunflower. These feeder dishes are a great attraction for birds to rest and feed on. The stylish Sunflower design makes it a stunning feature to any floral garden that expects wildlife. Practical and attractive, this lovely feeder dish makes a great feature for borders and pots. The stakes of the feeder pole can be pushed into soil or any suitable terrain without the need for any additional anchoring equipment. They could line a border of a path easily as the stakes do not take up much room allowing these to be situated in numerous places in a garden or lawn.