Ferplast 4-Way Magnetic Cat Flap Swing White

Ferplast 4-Way Magnetic Cat Flap Swing White
Categories: Cat, Cat Flaps & Nets
Brand: vidaXL
Color: white
Size: 9.92 H x 8.86 W x 10.4 D cm
77.99 GBP
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The 4-way cat flap from Ferplast with a magnetic system will definitely be a perfect choice is for cats. Thanks to the included magnetic key equipped with a small and handy tab to be attached to your pet’s collar, your pet can open the flap simply by approaching it. The device is particularly useful, as it allows only your pet to come into the house, consequently, you don’t risk meeting up with unwanted guests in your home. This swing flap comes with an innovative wind stopper system, which protects against air draughts. Thanks to its 4-way locking system, it allows you to adjust the type of opening according to your needs, whether entry only, exit only, entry and exit, or closed. Additionally, a passage indicator will help you understand whether your pet is indoors or out. It consists of a flag placed on the bottom of the pet flap, which will face the direction your furry friend last went. This flap comes with a tunnel of 5cm, allowing it to be adapted to any structure (the tunnel must not be trimmed for the model since it contains a very delicate mechanism). Please note that before installing in glass structures, we recommend you to consult a glazier, as it is not possible to drill holes in toughened safety glass or double-glazing unless they were previously created during manufacture.

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