Fausley Birdhouse

Fausley Birdhouse
Brand: Dakota Fields
Color: red,yellow
Size: 39.0 H x 19.0 W x 16.0 D cm
72.99 GBP
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This beautiful bird mansion is bright yellow and will immediately put you in a good mood every time you see it. Your little feathered friends will also feel very at home here. It doesn’t matter if they’re looking for a nesting place, feeding place or a temporary shelter. But it isn’t just birds who will love this colourful bird house, human visitors are sure to be impressed by its beautiful design. The 25cm-long cord means that the nesting box can easily be hung from a wall, tree or aviary without any difficulties. You can leave the nesting box outside all year round so that it can provide a refuge for birds. As you’d expect, the paint is weather-resistant and, since the house is made from Polyresin, it is highly resistant to UV rays, frost and other weather conditions. There’s a discreet flap for easy disposal of old nesting material.