Fairwinds Tube Bird Feeder

Fairwinds Tube Bird Feeder
Brand: Dakota Fields
Color: gray
Size: 10.0 H x 10.0 W x 33.0 D cm
28.99 GBP
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This heavy-duty bird seed feeder gives the feeding ports extra strength - great in the battle against squirrels. The removable top and base allow for easy cleaning - the base can be taken off when the bottom 2 feeding port perches are removed (the Allen key for this operation is included). The feeder will hold approximately 600g of seed mix. Ideal for hanging around the garden or from feeding stations. The width is 14cm with the perches, 6cm without. The feeder comes complete with a metal seed catching tray that simply screws into the bottom. This tray will catch all the seeds and seed casings that are discarded or dropped as the birds feed, helping keep lawns and flowerbeds clear of debris. The tray also acts as a secondary feeding platform for birds to feed on.