Esschert Design - Bird Food Hanger FB145 Green

Esschert Design - Bird Food Hanger FB145 Green
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This bird food hanger from Esschert Design is an ideal feeding station for your garden! This set of bird feeder consists of a 2-piece rod with ground pin and 4 hooks which make it easy to assemble. The practical and decorative station offers space to hang several feeding articles. Based on different seasons, you can choose to provide extra food to birds like suet cakes, sunflower seeds or peanuts, berries, fat balls with insects etc. In a word, there are plenty of choices to fill the hooks of this feeder with, all seasons long! Birds will love coming to the food hanger and enjoy all the available treats. Meanwhile, you can also enjoy watching the birds socializing in a funny way. Colour: Green Material: Mild steel Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 149 cm (L x W x H) Features 4 hooks and a 2-piece rod set Suitable for outdoor use SKU: 423794