Eden - External Aquarium Filter + Heater 522-300W (300L +300w)

Eden - External Aquarium Filter + Heater 522-300W (300L +300w)
Categories: Fish, Fish Tanks
Brand: Eden
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Key Features Space saving design with Eden 425 water heater integrated into system Professional easy to use system with adjustable Flow control Includes ceramic media and spray bar Double filtration with internal biological cycle Calibrated rotor siting to prevent vibration and noise The Eden External Filter 522-300w with integrated 300w heater comes with the benefits of being a safe, compact and small-sized filter unit which performs to highest professional standard of water filtration with almost silent operation. The motor is completely sealed and thermal-protected ensuring reliability and lower power consumption. Water is pumped though the internal multi-chamber filtering system including its very effective biological stage, resulting in crystal clear water returning to the tank. The 522-300w is a professional canister filters, suitable for both fresh and salt water tanks. Supplied with complete intake systems, hoses and connecting elbows with a spray bar, which provides for a