Depue Litter Box

Depue Litter Box
Brand: Archie & Oscar
Color: blue,white
Size: 14.0 H x 56.0 W x 40.0 D cm
27.99 GBP
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This cat litter tray is a comfortable and clean solution for your little whisker friend. Durable PP: The cat toilet is made of sturdy plastic that provides durability and stability.Removable rim: When your cats decide to scratch, the cat litter box’s rim will keep the cat litter inside the container. And it’s removable design ensures easy and convenient cleaning..Open structure: This open structure of this litter tray is ideal for your cats to feel comfortable and secure because most cats love to keep an eye on their surroundings when they go potty.Utility scoop: The kitty litter tray is provided with a scoop in order to allow a quick and fast litter tray cleaning.