Dakota Fields 92cm Charcoal BBQ

Dakota Fields 92cm Charcoal BBQ
Categories: Fish, Fish food
Brand: Dakota Fields
Color: gray
Size: 118.0 H x 92.0 W x 62.0 D cm
1099.99 GBP
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The Portorose masonry barbecue is made from quality refractory concrete with a contrasting attractive, durable Marmotech shelf running around the front and sides. Marmotech combines refractory concrete with granulated marble to form a heat resistance material that does not require final painting. The barbecue can be fired using wood or charcoal. Wood gives a unique aroma and unmistakable flavour to food, but also creates a much higher temperature. Hence the firebox and grill area are strengthened to withstand the heat produced from a log fire. The back firebox wall, the part of the BBQ subjected to the greatest heat is made of four panels (two external, horizontal ones and two internal, vertical ones) with a gap that lets the external air through to prevent the whole structure from overheating. The quality continues with a metal hood guard which protects the chimney from the heat generated. A large chrome steel grill grate with two height levels allows you to easily adjust the cooking temperature. By moving the food further away from the coals you can reduce the heat. Under the cooking area is a shelf for handy storage, together with a log store. This masonry BBQ is supplied with a 310ml tube of adhesive for assembly and 5 litres sealant paint.