Cottage Cage

Cottage Cage
Brand: Ferplast
Color: black
Size: 94.0 H x 78.5 W x 58.5 D cm
249.99 GBP
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Cottage mini is a compact and solid cage for rabbits and guinea pigs, perfect for indoor use. Made from premium quality FSC wood sourced only from responsibly managed forests, it is varnished with a delicate soft color perfectly adapting to your home furniture. The rabbit hutch has a double-floor structure to welcome your small pet with all the comforts. On the ground floor, you will find a solid pen made of metal wire mesh, where your animal can spend time during their everyday activities. On the first floor, instead, there’s a more sheltered area, a safe place where the animal can feel comfortable, relax and sleep. On the ground floor, the rabbit hutch is equipped with a pull-out plastic tray; upstairs, on the other hand, hidden by a decorated foldable door, another convenient, very deep tray has been set up to collect litter and dirt. Designed for easy maintenance, the cottage mini indoor rabbit hutch has a full opening hinged roof. Choose the model to suit your pet’s size.