Cleaning Tool, Pink - Biorb

Cleaning Tool, Pink - Biorb
Categories: Fish, Fish Tanks
Brand: Biorb
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Key Features Cleaning Brush Suitable for All Aquariums Easy Grip Extendible Telescopic Handle for Extra Reach Lets Your BiOrb Aquarium Shine Again Ideal for Cleaning Decor and BiOrb Air Tubes Silicone Material Removing dirt and algae from your aquarium is now easier than ever with the BiOrb Multi Cleaning Tool. Made from soft and grippy silicone, the Multi Cleaning Tool is specifically designed to tackle any dirt or grime in your aquarium or on your decorations and ornaments. With an extendable telescopic locking handle, you can get right into the hard to reach areas of your fish tank without a problem. The head of the BiOrb Multi Cleaning Tool can also be used to clean the inside of your BiOrb air/bubble tube, and to also replace air stones as well. Dimensions: Overall: 39.5 x 2cm Extends from 39.5cm to 54cm