Cat Tower Arma Grey Blue and White TRIXIE - Multicolour

Cat Tower Arma Grey Blue and White TRIXIE - Multicolour
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The Arma cat tower by TRIXIE will be your feline friends’ favourite hangout spot where they can scratch, hide and nap in the greatest comfort. This cat tree features a large sisal scratching surface on the sides, which allows your cats to grind their nails, and provides a healthy outlet for their scratching instinct. The Arma cat scratching tower is luxuriously designed to provide comfort for your furry friend. All caught up in the fun with this play tower, your little friend will be less likely to scratch your carpets or couch. If you have more than one cat, they might even enjoy competing with each other and scratching the durable sisal surface. Besides, they are going to love grabbing the dangling fuzzy toy on the string. Colour: Grey, blue and white Cushion material: Plush polyester Dimensions: 54 x 54 x 98 cm (W x D x H) Cat tower with 3 cuddly sleeping areas With toy hanging on a string Completely fitted with plush Sturdy sisal on the side Padded upper platform with removable