Blagdon - Inpond 6 in 1 Pump 9000 Pond Pump with Filter

Blagdon - Inpond 6 in 1 Pump 9000 Pond Pump with Filter
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Key Features Complete Filtration system Filter, UV, Pump, Fountain Display and LED lights in one unit. Easy to install in ponds with the convenient handle Suitable for deep ponds up to 9000 Litres and shallow ponds up to 1670 Litres (with Koi). Easy to access Filter foams and ceramic rings. Flow Control on Fountain attachment Strong and Durable Blagdon In Pond 6 in 1 System 1. Filter. The pond water enters the unit at the inlet grills and meets a 3 stage mechanical and biological media process. Filter foams catch the waste and dirt in the water and traps it. The cleansed water then passes through polymer wool that polishes the water, quickly removing particles that make the water cloudy. The Final stage is the ceramic bio media that uses its friendly bacteria to add a final cleanse to the water. 2. UV Clarifier Located in the centre of the unit, surrounded by media, is the UV Clarifier. Once the water has been through the mechanical and Bio media above it, the water passes over the