Birdbath flower Cast Iron

Birdbath flower Cast Iron
Brand: Fleur De Lis Living
Size: 20.0 H x 17.0 W x 21.0 D cm
60.99 GBP
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Wild birds are often in search of water, especially in cities and on hot days. With the charming birdbath for the wall, you can offer fresh water to sparrows, titmice, and finches. The flower cup shape of the water trough has charm and is guaranteed to adorn the balcony or patio wall. The cast-iron fixture is durable and robust. In winter, you can also convert the watering hole into a feeding station. Watch the colourful hustle and bustle at the bird feeder. Make sure that the water is replaced regularly and you rinse the bowl once a week with hot water. Please do not use any washing-up liquid Colour: Brew