Biorb - Tube 15L Aquarium, Black with led lighting

Biorb - Tube 15L Aquarium, Black with led lighting
Categories: Fish, Fish Tanks
Brand: Biorb
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Key Features 15L (4 Gal) Black Fish Tank biOrb Tube. Standard LED Lighting Stylish design Customisable with many ornaments available Genuine biOrb The biOrb Tube Aquarium is a complete all-in-one package that features everything you require to get setup quickly and easily. The biOrb Tube Aquarium Includes: LED Lighting: The biOrb Tube Aquarium is lit up during the day and at night by a bright and long lasting LED Light unit. The LED Lighting unit is extremely energy efficient and can last up to 50,000 hours, and provides you with an elegant display to showcase your fish. Air Pump: The Air Pump with Air Stone provides your aquarium with plenty of aeration, helping to create an Oxygen rich environment for your beloved fish. Water Treatment: To help you get started, included in this aquarium setup is a 2 part water treatment which boosts useful bacteria, aiding in kick starting your aquariums ecosystem to create the perfect environment for your fish. Filter Cartridge: The Filtration Unit