Biorb - Replacement dc mcr Light Large Black

Biorb - Replacement dc mcr Light Large Black
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Brand: Biorb
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Key Features Suitable for biOrb Classic 30L, 60L, 105L, and the biOrb Tube 15L, 30L, 35L Large MCR unit lighting in black Plugs directly into a biOrb 12V DC transformer (sold separately) Simulates natural light cycles with 4 different time cycles Please note: these lighting units ONLY work with the biOrb Power Supply 12V DC Replacement Spare Part 73114. They will NOT work with the older biOrb transformer Oase biOrb supply a range of replacement DC MCR lights for the biOrb aquariums, giving you more choice in the way to customise your set up Please note these newer lights only work with biOrb DC transformers (73114). These lights will NOT work with older AC transformers (transformer not included with this product). Please see below in the specifications to check which Oase biOrb tanks are compatible with these DC MCR & Classic Lights. MCR: The MCR (Multi Coloured Remote) is a unique LED system that can create amazing light effects in your biOrb tank. The light units sits on top of your