Beem Pour Over Filter Coffee Machine With Scale - Glass

Beem Pour Over Filter Coffee Machine With Scale - Glass
Categories: Small pets, Rat
Brand: BEEM
Color: black,brown
Size: 29.5 H x 17.0 W x 17.0 D cm
73.81 GBP
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Perfect tea or coffee begins with the pouring. Pour Over - the brewing method for coffee connoisseurs! Simply place a suitable paper filter (size 2) in the glass filter, add the coffee powder and pour hot water slowly and evenly over it in a circular motion. Instead of one or more small openings, this glass filter has a large 20 mm opening so that the flow rate or the perfect aroma depends solely on the grind of the coffee. A medium grind is recommended. Up to 4 cups of Pour Over coffee can be prepared and served in the BEEM Pour Over coffee maker’s glass jug. Simply put the lid on and the coffee stays hot longer! The silicone base protects your furniture and ensures that the coffee pot does not slip. With a frame made of aluminium, a coffee filter and pot made of glass, and wood-look elements, this pour-over maker is a modern and design-oriented mix of materials that catches everyone’s eye!