Ameisha Decorative Bird Feeder

Ameisha Decorative Bird Feeder
Categories: Bird, Wild Birds
Brand: Dakota Fields
Color: brown
Size: 29.0 H x 32.0 W x 32.0 D cm
89.99 GBP
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The decorative bird feeder is a tried and tested classic when it comes to bird feeding. It is made of weatherproof impregnated pine wood (Pinus sylvestris, the main type of wood) and can be hung anywhere in the garden and on the balcony with the tear -resistant cord, e.g. on trees and house walls. The surface treatment of the roof emphasizes the unique structure of the wood grain, which provides a visually appealing contrast to the dark brown feeding place. The birdhouse also has a UV-resistant acrylic glass feed silo, which is ideal for feeding grains and loose seeds and reliably protects the bird food inside from rain and dirt. The silo can be filled via the removable roof top. The birdhouse has a large, covered food tray that provides support for several hungry wild birds at the same time. It is made by hand in a European production process, with a focus on high -quality workmanship.