Alla Bird Feeder

Alla Bird Feeder
Categories: Bird, Wild Birds
Brand: Dakota Fields
Color: black,brown,green
Size: 26.0 H x 11.0 W x 11.0 D cm
91.99 GBP
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The “Pickbar” feeding column from Dakota Fields takes a new, creative approach to bird feeding and impresses with its stylish and innovative design. The base of the feeding station is made of biodegradable natural cork, providing a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional materials. The UV-resistant acrylic glass food silo is divided into three separate chambers and is ideal for a varied feeding of different types of bird food, while the food inside is reliably protected from rain and dirt. Thanks to the innovative locking mechanism, the pick bar is easy to fill. To do this, you only have to pull out the marked approach rod to loosen the feeding column from the holder. You can then easily separate the cork base from the feed silo by hand. Thanks to the special construction of the holder, the pick bar can be both hung up and mounted on the corresponding stand 10093e from Dakota Fields. The three flat feeding openings with approach rods protect the bird food from contamination by wild birds and each have a small drainage hole from which rainwater can drain. These hygienic measures prevent diseases from contaminated food. The feeding station is approx. 26cm high and has a diameter of approx. 11cm.