Algae Wafers Tropical Food - 40g - Hikari

Algae Wafers Tropical Food - 40g - Hikari
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Key Features Perfect for algae eaters Encourages vibrant colours in your fish Unique design and shape allows for fast sinking Retains shape while sinking 40g packet The Hikari Algae Wafers Tropical Fish Food is designed specifically with algae eating fishes in mind. It contains a perfect balance of ingredients to promote proper growth and desirable form in herbivorous aquatic species. The unique shape and design of the food allows it to sink rapidly while simultaneously retaining its shape which aids less aggressive species in accessing the full nutrition available in the food. The food also contains spirulna and chlorella algae which aids in the positive appearance of your aquatic life. Specifications Size: 40g Feeding Instructions Feed no more food than the amount your fish can completely consume within a 2 hour feeding period. Many bottom feeders eat at night so the best times to feed are late in the day or at night. Ensure uneaten food is removed after the feeding period.