Acorn Bird Feeder

Acorn Bird Feeder
Categories: Bird, Wild Birds
Brand: Borough Wharf
Color: black
Size: 21.5 H x 13.0 W x 13.0 D cm
16.99 GBP
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Although you’re truly satisfied with how healthy and abundant your plants are, you still wish to bring more energy to your residence. Your property would surely feel more inviting with birds all around it. Besides, the lovely winged creatures give more than beauty to your living space. They also help rid your garden of unwanted insects while helping spread seeds across your land. Once you have this decorative feeding station, birds will be ever-present in your garden. You will always hear them sing and see them flutter around, while you hang out in the yard or tend to your fruit-bearing trees and ornamental plants. This one-of-a-kind bird food container is thoughtfully made using superior quality components to last for longer. You can be sure that your garden accessory can stay sturdy and in great shape even after many years of sun, snow, and rain exposure outdoors. Do you have someone dear to you who loves visiting nature parks and mountains to watch birds? You should definitely get them this gorgeous avian feeder for their garden. The package even comes with a bird spotting chart, allowing them to easily identify the different species they’ll see. Easy to install, just get a rope and hang it on a tree or pole Black, the weathered look gives it a neutral and minimalist appeal. A breeze to maintain, just wipe or brush with soapy water.