Abela Bird Bath

Abela Bird Bath
Brand: Ophelia & Co.
Size: 14.5 H x 21.0 W x 28.0 D cm
24.99 GBP
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The cast iron birdbath is inspired by ornate antique feeders. The basin has dual use as a bath in the summer months and a feeder during the winter. Decorated with two charming iron birds sculptures, your feathered friends can bathe, eat and perch in style. The weatherproof and durable station is formed from iron construction which can be drilled into your wall, fence, post, or tree. The option to secure the station high above the ground provides a safe area for your feathered soon-to-be friends to perch and relax out of harm’s way from predators, as well as keeping the tasty treats away from snails, and slugs, and even protecting from squirrels and rodents. The platform also features a hook that would be ideal to hang feeders or flower baskets, bringing life into the garden and attracting the birds to the bath.

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