96cm Cat Tree

96cm Cat Tree
Brand: Archie & Oscar
Color: gray
Size: 96.0 H x 69.0 W x 59.0 D cm
309.99 GBP
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The emil cat scratching post from trixie is an excellent solution for older animals and those suffering from back and joint problems. This cat tree is designed with an upper cat bed, a lower cat cave and a padded platform. Convenient cat scratching column: the cat scratching furniture, with sisal scratching surface, helps the cats improve their natural ability to claw.sturdy base: this modern cat tree with a comfy cat bed on top provides a durable place for your pet to scratch, play and rest. It features a thick heavy base plate.comfortable cat bed: rest, play, exercise! Your cats can spend all day long on their upper cat bed. It is covered with a soft polyester plush.recommended for senior animals: the scratching post has 4 large, padded climbing steps with embroidery. It is especially suitable for older animals or those suffering from back and joint problems.2 cushions with visco-elastic foam: your pet can make itself comfortable on the cushion. The surface adapts to the individual body shape of the pet and the pressure is optimally distributed.