61cm Lanier Cat Perch

61cm Lanier Cat Perch
Brand: Archie & Oscar
Color: brown
Size: 61.0 H x 50.5 W x 46.0 D cm
75.99 GBP
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The well-padded lounger with skin-friendly and fluffy plush cover enables your cat friends to play and sleep comfortably. Equipped with a spacious apartment and plenty of space on the underside, this cat tree tower is a fun place for your cat to play, exercise or a warm house for a quiet nap. It doesn’t take up much space either high-quality chipboard makes this cat tree an environmentally friendly piece of furniture and the reinforced baseplate makes the entire cat tower stable sturdy posts wrapped with a natural sisal rope will keep your cats’ nails well-groomed and away from your furniture. A spare ball toy is included as a bonus all necessary accessories and tools are included. You can assemble this cat tree quickly and use it with a clear manual. If you have any questions before or after your purchase, please feel free to contact us. Equipped with padded viewing platforms, spacious caves and a single-level lounger, the cat tower offers fun for young and old cats on several levels your lazy cat can sleep deeply on the bottom without climbing up. Even small kittens or senior cats can climb up without any problems the reinforced wooden baseplate makes the whole climbing frame stable; stable sisal-coated scratching posts allow hours of scratching fun and keep your cats away from your furniture our cat apartment has all the essential elements necessary for the comfort of the kitten; the soft plush cover withstands scratchy paws and lets your cat into a deep sleep while basking in luxury spacious caves to relax and spread out; the natural sisal ropes and carb-certified P2 chipboard make this cat furniture a green living room furniture.