4-Way Lockable Cat Door Replacement Flap

4-Way Lockable Cat Door Replacement Flap
Categories: Cat, Cat Flaps & Nets
Brand: Archie & Oscar
Size: 5.0 H x 20.0 W x 19.2 D cm
38.99 GBP
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This 4-way lockable cat door from Karlie makes life easier for your outdoor cats and you. It gives your cat a free pass to enter and leave the house even when the door is shut. Sturdy construction: The cat flap consists of a frame, a hinge and a horizontally attached flap. The latter is pushed by the animal with its head in order to get through the opening.Cats can exit and enter with no fuss: This 4-way cat flap allows the cat to move independently and safely between the house and the outside area.Weather- and draft-proof pet flap: A magnetic closure and a brush seal make the cat door weatherproof and draft-proof.Reliable 4-way locking system: The owner can control whether the cat can go in and out as desired, or he can restrict the use of the flap. The 4-way locking mechanical cat door offers a choice of open (out and in) and closed, as well as in and out only options. The door is available in the colors white and brown.Suitable for big cats: The model is designed especially for big cats having been adapted to the needs of larger cat breeds in terms of its dimensions. Size: 5cm H x 20cm W x 19.2cm D, Colour: Dark Grey