4 Pack KCT Humane Rat Trap No Kill Bait Rodent Catcher

4 Pack KCT Humane Rat Trap No Kill Bait Rodent Catcher
Categories: Small pets, Rat, Hamster
Brand: KCT
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Key Features Humane Metal trap - simple way to catch pesky rodents Front door catch allows for traps to be open and set easily. Bait hook on inside. Hang fruit, cheese, peanuts or similar. When the rodent eats from it, the hook unlatches the open door Spring mechanism on the front door ensures it shuts instantly when triggered Pack of 4 - 235 x 110 x 115mm The KCT Rat trap is a humane way to catch those pesky rodents The simple catcher is made of metal and uses springs and mechanical movements to trap the rodent for safe release away from your home or business. The trap opens with a small catch located on the door. The door lifts up and the long handle can then be secure to the top of the trap with the small internal hook. Attach some bait (cheese, fruit, peanuts or similar) to this hook and leave the open trap hidden behind furniture ready for the rodent. This hook acts as the swing mechanism. When a rodent starts eating the bait hanging on it, the motion will unhook the top of the