4.2 L Round Casserole

4.2 L Round Casserole
Brand: Stoneline
Color: gray,orange
Size: 16.0 H x 40.5 W cm
87.83 GBP
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You will love this unique and versatile cast aluminium casserole dish! The specially developed lid of these roasters is equipped with prongs and has a curved lid shape. The self-moistening circuit that is created by this gives you a crispy and juicy result, as your food is continuously moistened during the cooking process. This so-called aroma rain prevents the food from drying out, cooks your food gently and enhances the natural taste of the food. The air circulation system inside the roaster ensures a homogeneous airflow in the cast aluminium body, which heats the food optimally and saves energy. The cast aluminium body guarantees long heat storage and efficient cooking. The roasters convince by comfortable handling because they have a lighter weight compared to the extremely heavy cast iron roasters. The roasters are versatile and suitable for all roasting and braising dishes, for casseroles, for steaming and for baking bread. Thanks to the special non-stick coating, your food can be prepared with or without frying fat and oil - as desired - and removed from the cookware without sticking. It makes no difference whether you cook on glass-ceramic, induction, electric or gas. In cookware with the original coating, no stubborn residues stick and the simple hand wash saves you time and effort. The most important advantages of the roasters at a glance: specially developed lid with self-moistening circuit enhances the natural taste of the food and allows gentle cooking. Crispy and juicy result thanks to continuous moistening of the food. Air circulation system ensures a homogeneous airflow: food is optimally heated and energy is saved. Cast aluminium body guarantees long heat storage. Comfortable handling thanks to lighter weight compared to extremely heavy cast-iron fryers. Ideal for all roast and braised dishes, for casseroles, for steaming and for baking bread. Scratch-resistant, non-stick coating. Vitamin-preserving cooking and frying without fat and oil. Also suitable for vegetarians: vegetables remain crisp and juicy. No burning and no sticking. Super easy to clean. Extra strong, distortion-free, base thickness: 4,5 mm. Suitable for all types of cookers, also induction. Suitable for ovens up to 240 °C (without thermal handle protectors) / 200 °C (with thermal handle protectors).