360L Composter

360L Composter
Categories: Small pets, Hamster
Brand: Dakota Fields
Color: black,blue,white
Size: 84.0 H x 69.0 W x 69.0 D cm
38.99 GBP
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Every year, the UK produces over 6 million tonnes of household food waste, massively increasing our carbon emissions and quickly filling up landfills. One of the best ways to help out? Composting! Not only does composting reduce your carbon footprint, but also benefits your garden by enriching the soil and tackling plant disease and pests. It’s a win-win for you and the planet, and with our large 360L composter it has never been easier. And we’re doing our bit, as this composter is made from recycling materials in Europe. Quickly assembled and with a slatted design for in-built aeration, as well as a rain-collection lid for irrigation, this 360L black composting bin is ideal for cutting down on waste. Frost and UV resistant, our bins are durable and solid for all seasons and windy days with secure ground pegs that also keep rodents out. With hinged doors for easy access that can be padlocked for security, the black bin keeps the heat in for faster decomposition and preventing odours from drifting across the garden. This product will need self-assembling, but our instructions are quick and easy to follow. Please place this composer on grass or soil.